1. Capturing the Raw Material / Selection.

Conservas Leonardo employees choose the best lots of fish directly at each port, which always guarantees optimal freshness and size.

2. Receiving the Raw Material.

Our main ingredient: “The Cantabrian Anchovy” is looked after, cared for, monitored and controlled at all times.

3. Gutting.

A totally manual process, where the head and guts of each anchovy are removed to enable bleeding, which is essential to the next step in the process.

4. Salting, Pressing and Curing.

Part of the process where we add to our famous Anchovies the first natural ingredient: Salt. Anchovies are stored in plastic containers (which used to be made of wood) commonly called “Barrels” and are now ready for the next step, known as Curing or Maturing, (never less than six to seven months) where the Anchovy goes into a physiological state with cells and tissues subject to a number of transformation processes until they reach their optimal point.

5. Cutting, Scalding, Folding and Drying.

The belly and tail are trimmed off of the Anchovy. Then the skin, thus removing the salt from the previous step, by means of pressurised water at different temperatures, which gives it the familiar reddish colour. Water and excess humidity are extracted by applying a centrifugal force.

6. Filleting and Packaging.

Careful and expert hands separate the two fillets of each Anchovy by removing the central spine and package these fillets in the different formats.

7. Adding the Packing Medium and Closing.

The type of Oil required for each container is automatically added and then the container is closed by machine, remaining totally airtight.

8. Quality Control.

Each and every one of the stations throughout our manufacturing process are carefully monitored and checked by our qualified Quality Control staff.

9. Labelling, Packing and Boxing.

Each and every one of the formats, either tin-lined cans, glass jars or plastic bowls, etc. are labelled or packaged by machine and placed in their respective boxes to be marketed.

10. Logistics.

2,000 square metres of fridge chambers and 3,000 square metres of warehouse to meet all of our clients’ needs and fully control traceability.